Planning Services

My clients tell me they value my no-sales pitch, flat fee-only approach to helping them prioritize their financial decisions.  They want to know the amount of the professional fees up front along with the deliverables so they can realize their financial goals.

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My office address is 1820 Wyoming Ave, NW, Washington, DC  20009

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Comprehensive Financial Plan

An expert analysis of all aspects of your financial health, including cash flow/savings assessment, debt management, college planning, income tax planning, insurance analysis, retirement planning, and estate planning. I provide a written analysis of your financial situation as well as preliminary recommendations to address your financial issues. We work together to arrive at workable plan and I provide a set of Action Items for you to implement to address the areas of concern.

Fee: $1,100 – $1,600

Retirement Check-Up

At all stages of your working career and after you retire, I can provide you with advice and solutions to optimize your retirement options. These services include determining an appropriate savings rate, reviewing investment options, maximizing tax efficiency, analyzing Social Security claiming strategies, explaining how Medicare works, ensuring adequate insurance coverage, updating estate documents, and recommending asset withdraw plans.

Fee: $1,100 – $1,600

Consultation Session

A two-hour consultation in which I answer questions that you have regarding your finances. The topics can range from cash flow/savings assessment, debt management, college funding, income tax planning, insurance issues, retirement savings, and estate planning. It is slimmed down version of the Comprehensive Financial Plan or Retirement Check-Up in which we work on the issues in real-time during the session. At the end, you will have answers to your questions and steps to move forward.

Fee:  $500 ($250/hour and most sessions don’t last more than 2 hours).

On-going Monitoring

After developing a plan, many clients find it beneficial to establish systematic monitoring of the plan. I offer either quarterly or semi-annual check-ups depending upon what makes most sense for your situation. In order to minimize the paperwork, I require that you use an online reporting program, such as Mint or Learnvest, so that I have access to monitor your financial position. At each check-in, I provide a written update on progress toward your goals and offer recommendations to stay on track.

The fee is $350/quarterly check-ins and $500/semi-annual check-ins. I also seek to schedule the meetings in advance so that they do not get pushed off. The monitoring package requires a one-year commitment.