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Shop for Your 2018 DC Health Plan

Savings opportunities abound for 2018 DC health plans despite premium increases from 2017. On average, premiums for health insurance in the individual market increased 15.4% from 2017. These increases, however, mask the variation in the rates among insurers and among plans. Some premiums will rise by 8.0% from 2017 while others will rise 25.2%. The increases […]

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Carefirst’s 2018 Health Plan Premiums Distort Consumer Decision-Making

Carefirst’s 2018 health plan premiums for DC Health Link plans are unnecessarily high, discriminatory, and likely to distort consumer decision-making. The expected number of buyers of the plan, and not the plan’s features, drives the proposed premium increases. DC should review Carefirst’s 2018 premiums with an eye towards how consumers buy health insurance. Consumers view […]

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High Deductible Health Plan Renewal Decision

You have to decide whether to renew your high deductible health plan during this year’s open season. Use these four factors to decide whether to renew your high deductible health plan: Your expected health care needs next year, The premium savings of a high deductible plan, Your anticipated Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions, and Your current […]

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Patient Experience Data Can Help You Choose a Physician

Patient experience data can help you choose a new physician. I found myself recently in a situation in which I needed a new primary care physician and an eye surgeon. I hunted for patient experience quality information to help guide my choices. I changed my health plan in 2015 to a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to […]

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Is a High-Deductible Health Plan Good?

Use these six tips to decide whether a high-deductible health plan is good for you. These plans have an accompanying Health Savings Account (HSA) that you can use to save for medical expenses that you will have to pay before the plan begins to pay its share. High-deductible health plans are worthy of consideration by the healthy […]

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