Who We Work With

I work primarily with two types of clients:  young professionals and people nearing retirement. Each client has unique needs and goals. They want an advisor who is on their side and puts their interest first in crafting a financial plan to meet their objectives.

Young Professionals

financial planning for young professionalsI develop comprehensive financial plans for many young professionals and families starting or early in their careers. My approach to financial planning protects against any financial disasters through appropriate insurance coverage, ensures adequate cash flow each month by establishing spending and savings plans to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs, and begins saving through appropriate low-cost investments.

We first establish a baseline and implement strategies to meet your financial goals. Having worked with many people nearing and in retirement, early planning ensures a better chance of meeting your goals and securing financial independence so you can enjoy life!

Nearing Retirement

mike wroblewski certified financial adviserI provide services to many people that are near or considering retirement. My services include realistically assessing spending so that we can make sure there is sufficient income during retirement. I examine the appropriateness of investment portfolios and construct plans to ensure sufficient income during retirement.

I have worked with clients to explain how Medicare works, when to claim Social Security to maximize lifetime benefits, and to understand minimum distribution rules for tax deferred savings and retirement plans. We have also made sure there is appropriate insurance coverage to minimize any unforeseen issues and to make sure estate documents are up to date and reflect your wishes.