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Congress Raises the Required Minimum Distribution Age for Retirement Accounts

Congress recently raised the age that you have to take distributions from your tax-deferred retirement accounts, such a 401k or Individual Retirement Account (IRA). These changes also allow for more tax-deferred growth and possible Roth conversions before the required distributions begin. What is a Required Minimum Distribution? Under the Secure Act (Setting Every Community Up […]

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No-fee Mutual Funds Improve Investment Returns

Over two years ago Fidelity Investments began offering several index or passive, no-fee mutual funds. The two main funds track indices of the entire domestic stock market and all of the international stock markets. No-fee funds have the potential to increase your investment returns. Management and administration fees otherwise reduce the fund’s return. At the […]

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A March to Remember

Most investors would like to forget March 2020. Times of uncertainty and market stress, however, have reinforced three investing fundamentals.  Remembering these fundamentals will help keep your investment goals on track. 1. Vast uncertainty causes dramatic and quick stock price movements. For the 12 months prior to March 2020, the US stock market, as measured […]

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No-Fee Mutual Fund Investing is a Reality

Fidelity Investments recently launched four no-fee mutual funds to gain a competitive advantage against rivals Vanguard and Schwab. This move along with lowering existing index fund fees and eliminating minimum investment amounts go a long way to making investing easier and more affordable for investors. This blog explains how you can take advantage of these […]

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Wells Fargo: Time to Switch?

You may be asking whether it is time to switch your asset accounts from Wells Fargo to another bank. For nearly two years federal and state authorities have been investigating the bank’s business practices and have uncovered disturbing trends. The first investigation uncovered the secret creation of millions of bank and credit card accounts without […]

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