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Welcome to Financial Advice for You!

This blog is dedicated to providing financial advice that you can use. Although generic financial planning information abounds, this blog addresses concerns of professionals early in their careers and those nearing or at retirement. After over five years of providing personal financial planning services to a variety of clients in different situations, I have developed […]


Reverse Mortgage Basics

Helene, a soon to be single retiree, lamented the other day that she wished she had saved more. She didn’t have a pension and was delaying claiming Social Security because she had longevity in her genes. She felt she was going to have to sell her condo (on which she still had about a $200,000 […]

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New Fiduciary Duty for Retirement Advisors

The Obama Administration recently finalized a rule to impose a fiduciary duty on financial advisors that provide retirement advice. This duty requires due care, loyalty, and utmost good faith when advising a client. This new rule puts investors’ retirement interests first rather than the profit interest of the advisor selling a financial product. The rule […]