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financial advice from Mike Wroblewski

Welcome to Financial Advice for You!

This blog is dedicated to providing financial advice that you can use. Although generic financial planning information abounds, this blog addresses concerns of professionals early in their careers and those nearing or at retirement. After over five years of providing personal financial planning services to a variety of clients in different situations, I have developed […]


New DC 529 Plan is a Missed Opportunity

The District of Columbia recently revamped its 529 College Savings Plan. The new plan offers lower cost investment options than the old plan’s offerings. DC also eliminated the high-cost advisor sold option! These changes are a welcome improvement. DC, however, missed an opportunity for its 529 plan to become the low-cost leader. And I don’t […]

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Mortgage Loan Basics

Understanding mortgage loan basics can help first-time borrowers get the right loan. This blog describes several loan features that you can vary and the pros and cons of doing so. This blog is the third of three for first-time homebuyers. The first one describes how much house you can afford. The second one describes things […]


Obama Improves Personal Finance Decision-Making

Just a week after President Obama’s first Inaugural I started my financial planning practice. Since then, new tools and consumer-friendly policies have offered Americans meaningful opportunities to improve their personal finance decision-making. I’ve seen firsthand how these Obama Administration policies have helped clients with four critical financial challenges: investing for retirement, repaying student loans, buying […]

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New DC 529 Plan Coming Soon

A new DC 529 Plan will be coming in 2017. The new DC 529 Plan provider, Ascensus, will hopefully eliminate the high-cost elements in the existing plan. 529 plans are a great way to save for college. Nearly all states have 529 plans. A 529 plan allows your contributions to grow tax free.  You don’t pay […]

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5 Tips to Combining Finances

Combining finances with your spouse or partner can be challenging. A successful combination depends on recognizing you have different experiences with money, attitudes about money, and earnings potential. Unfortunately many couples do not get the money issues correct as it is one of the top reasons for divorce. There are no right or wrong ways for combining […]

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High Deductible Health Plan Renewal Decision

You have to decide whether to renew your high deductible health plan during this year’s open season. Use these four factors to decide whether to renew your high deductible health plan: Your expected health care needs next year, The premium savings of a high deductible plan, Your anticipated Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions, and Your current […]