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Wells Fargo: Time to Switch?

You may be asking whether it is time to switch your asset accounts from Wells Fargo to another bank. For nearly two years federal and state authorities have been investigating the bank’s business practices and have uncovered disturbing trends. The first investigation uncovered the secret creation of millions of bank and credit card accounts without […]

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Freeze Your Credit Reports Now

Use these steps to freeze your credit reports at the three major credit reporting agencies:  Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. By now you’ve heard about the massive data breach at Equifax. Information (including Social Security numbers) from 143 million consumers was potentially compromised by the agency entrusted with your personal information. I’m over being outraged. Protect yourself […]

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Mortgage Loan Basics

Understanding mortgage loan basics can help first-time borrowers get the right loan. This blog describes several loan features that you can vary and the pros and cons of doing so. This blog is the third of three for first-time homebuyers. The first one describes how much house you can afford. The second one describes things […]

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5 Tips to Combining Finances

Combining finances with your spouse or partner can be challenging. A successful combination depends on recognizing you have different experiences with money, attitudes about money, and earnings potential. Unfortunately many couples do not get the money issues correct as it is one of the top reasons for divorce. There are no right or wrong ways for combining […]

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Maximize Your Employee Benefits

Spend a little time reviewing your employee benefits during this fall’s open season. Employers change their employee benefits annually. It makes sense to check them now because if you are like most people, you get your health, disability, and life insurance through your employer. Liz Davidson in her book, “What Your Financial Advisor Isn’t Telling […]

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