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Passive Investing Benefits

The active versus passive investing debate continues to rage in the popular business press. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a week-long series exploring the origins and value of passive investing. This debate misses two key points. Asset allocation, not how your funds are managed, overwhelmingly determines your portfolio’s performance. Human behavior affects a portfolio’s […]

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Investor Behaviors Matter – Tony Robbins Part II

Tony Robbins’ describes ideal investor behaviors in “Money Master the Game” that can maximize your investment performance. The book’s first half centers on the tasks and new habits you should follow to achieve financial freedom. New habits like setting up automatic savings and eliminating unnecessary expenses. The second half of the book relays the investment […]

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Letter to Mayor Muriel Bowser to Reform the DC College Savings Plan

Below is the text of a letter I sent to Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to reform the DC College Savings Plan to better serve the interest of DC families and college students.  On August 1st, the DC CFO responded!! Dear Mayor Bowser: Your Administration would do college students and families saving for college a […]

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More Evidence High Mutual Fund Fees Hurt Investors

There seems to be a never-ending stream of evidence that high mutual fund fees depress fund performance and hurt investors’ return. The most recent article in the popular press explains why high mutual fees can hurt performance. Two interesting facts stick out. 1. Mutual fund fees make the difference between under- and over-performing a benchmark. With […]

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